Pop-up / Projects

        I really started pop-ups in 2019 (I was in the rare & collectible book business before that).
        Since then, I have been working on many fun pop-up projects, in a wide range of personal interests, some were commissions, some were just for myself, some I have self-published. You can have a look at my bibliography here.
        Commissions may actually be the most motivating occasions, because they give the chance to work on a different scale and/or on great art, with an extra pressure to deliver the best possible within a budget and a limited time – the best being evidently always not the most complex but the most adequate to the artwork or the client’s request.
        Anyway, I thought it was time I sorted out a little what I have put out there these past few years, so here is a selection of my pop-up projects, arranged by theme.

The breathing of the heart.
Literature in pop-ups? Hell yeah.

Oz Fantasy Pop-up https://youtu.be/BRzcioN3lbY
Calligrammes animés https://youtu.be/vDtR7S_39s0
Une Saison en enfer https://youtu.be/WrGx1-R3sQc
Lettre-Océan https://youtu.be/UsbA-t988oE
Calligramme Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/cT8vIKB3HuI
L’Ange Blond Superstar / Arthur Rimbaud Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/FhhPsC-eRw0


I’m a Brother of Metal! Music is life.

Star One Revel in Time Pop-up Tableau https://youtu.be/XT4ovB7euLE
Aerosmith Logo Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/FBtEUO8Lyrc
Dream Theater A View from the Top of the World Custom CD case https://youtu.be/pQqovLWwmd0
Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion Papercraft https://youtube.com/shorts/KL83rClQcrc
The Crimson Idol Sketch https://youtu.be/O1Kz-Hkqolg


I’m a retro-gamer at heart.

Chrono Trigger Akira Toriyama Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/6omRVNsh3sM
Tales of Phantasia Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/Rl7Iqce9Ctw
Castlevania Cover Art Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/MpiOr7gH2tI
Castlevania Pop-up Map https://youtu.be/xiycZCQpRqw
Super Mario Bros Pop-up https://youtu.be/BwOViY7Oqr0
Zelda Pop-up https://youtu.be/DETCVMuXfb0
Zelda Overworld Pop-up Map https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
Zelda 3 Pop-up Book Nook https://youtu.be/N0vReQAOeWs
Final Fantasy Legend House of Life Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/BeWzdll03dc
Romancing SaGa 2 Pop-up Tableau https://youtu.be/hq-guoLIln4
Castle of Illusion Tunnel Book https://youtu.be/XptCF7LO9RA
And it’s not pop-up, but I made the reference sites for Square/Enix SNES games Romancing SaGa 2 & 3 (yeah): https://romancing-saga-2.blogspot.com + https://romancing-saga-3.blogspot.com/


Comics render so well in pop-ups. And there are many amazing artists I’d love to collaborate with.

1984 Brutalist Cityscape Pop-up Spread (Commission) https://youtu.be/tMAT3ntHUBo
Chien Pourri x Louvre Museum Pop-up Card (Commission) https://youtu.be/bqw3y4kkvYM
Joconde Pourrie Pop-up Card Cutting + Assembly https://youtu.be/Bji7Vf_HY04


Lots of great art and concepts in the film industry.

Pop-up Maps Geek Set (Games of Thrones, Tolkien, Batman, Star Wars…) https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
WestWorld Mind Maze https://youtu.be/y4Bge-UebPw
WestWorld Mind Maze Mock-up https://youtu.be/zMS6MhqGo7g
Rocky II OST https://youtu.be/MXh5ng9A6f8


Whatever people may think, pop-up works wonderfully with photographs. Such pop-ups usually entail a lot of “re-drawing”, a very time-consuming activity if you want to do it properly. Incidentally, I used to take pictures as my main art medium, mainly when I was living in Japan, in 2007-2012, bits here: http://lebentoaphotos.blogspot.com/

Rone – Time – The Clock Room (Commission) https://youtu.be/Mmhqp4ENPyk
Jacques Lacoste New Year Card (Commission) https://youtu.be/LA4N27WpsTY
Post Hiroshige Pop-up Cards https://youtu.be/TCUpyR-VTQQ


The breathing of the soul.
Before starting taking pictures (2006-7), I used to paint a lot – short selection here https://nc-paintworks.blogspot.com/ – before focusing more on cut paper and digital art – short selection here https://nc-paperworks.blogspot.com/p/illustration.html.

I have some ongoing projects around fine arts, coming soon.


My favorite genres!

La Tour des Horreurs https://youtu.be/1UZDX3_FFmU
La Tour des Horreurs (v2) https://youtu.be/6SIQVBJnxW8
The Tower of Horrors (speed run version) https://youtu.be/AmBDYRmrdoA
Mini Towers of Horrors https://youtu.be/WOR3K7jpIa0
Spider Long-Legs https://youtu.be/y0lJq35sddU
Pop-up Skull https://youtu.be/_SrHu1lMKWQ
Pop-up Vampire https://youtu.be/CdAkNCUBUJo
Téléphone rose Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/d5B8TQb2dEE
Alice in Wonderland Miniature Book https://youtu.be/0B3JcyeTYvw
Alice in Wonderland Pop-up https://youtu.be/BYf0vcOgq8s
White Rabbit Movie https://youtu.be/poGO9eQtsII
Alice Head/Feet (haha) https://youtube.com/shorts/gZ98uElIAvU
Chats en toits / Paris Rooftop Cats https://youtu.be/NPIK4QqyWFw
Meow? https://youtu.be/-JMKZGT52vg


I love maps!

Paris Subway Pop-up Map https://youtu.be/fXfKEUQzuME
Pop-up Maps Geek Set (Games of Thrones, Tolkien, Batman, Star Wars…) https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
Castlevania Pop-up Map https://youtu.be/xiycZCQpRqw


I wish I had more time to dig into optical illusions and magic, it’s amazing.

Ames Window – Pop-up Version https://youtu.be/gR-upiiKsUg


Or more accurately kiri-origamic architecture, is what is usually called a 90° pop-up with no added pieces. My Steps artist’s books are an example of that.

Small Night Steps Miniature Pop-up Book https://youtu.be/QHggtb6egHo
Small Night Steps Cards https://youtu.be/y_Kl-EiXHzU
Night Steps Cards https://youtu.be/M8KRjptuW5Y
Steps Pop-up Book https://youtu.be/yOFVppW0UJM



My research work on pop-up mechanisms goes in all directions. Revisiting classics is always stimulating. Untrodden paths are my favorite paths. Here are a few pop-up experiments.

Pop-up Mock-ups & 3D sketches for Oz Fantasy https://youtu.be/kbxemxEyri0
2024 New Year Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/bNewhKIoLRA
Pop-up Surging Curves (A Season in Hell) https://youtu.be/Nus-Be9to3E
Pop-up Twister Mechanism Variation (Calligrams) https://youtu.be/nEUE4OMXhbw
Pop-up Improvisation on a Reinhart Raiser https://youtu.be/GVo9usIfSqM
Simple Curves in Pop-ups https://youtu.be/EWjNpZ-QJ80
Triple Twister Mechanism https://youtu.be/AkEWsuDToiY
2023 Countdown New Year Card https://youtu.be/mfaQeKDOTF0
Twister Variations https://youtu.be/B13gWMQv1-Y
Pop-up Cube Manual Lock https://youtu.be/oXX7DrtNBnw
360° Flower Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/xRNuqGqbDiI
2022 New Year Card https://youtu.be/lMhRfKh3l4E
90°/180° Pop-up https://youtu.be/w305dvlkMow
Tower of Babel https://youtu.be/8lcTT_jrrtE
Pop-up Sphere https://youtube.com/shorts/FtiHVbzi_2s
Paper Arch from Scraps https://youtu.be/qpLMnhTCYrg
Pop-up Crane / Designer’s Lamp https://youtu.be/k25v_50P91c
Sequential Pull-Tab https://youtu.be/VF9N0OYz9Xs
Pop-up Stadium https://youtu.be/7V7PxltpdzA
Double Pop-up Pyramid https://youtu.be/bS7LNNJTZoM
Pop-up Spread Extension https://youtu.be/DXIx9Zqtj6Y
Plateau Mechanism https://youtu.be/CCjEi40TrtI
Triple Cinematic Pull-Tab https://youtube.com/shorts/z7urbLDAEgk
3 Pop-up Cubes https://youtube.com/shorts/mXBfJpm73JE

I have also focused on one original field repeatedly, that I call

POP’ORIGAMI: the introduction of dynamic origami into pop-ups.

Pop’origami 2B https://youtu.be/xlg-KDJbVCI
Pop’origami 5 https://youtu.be/c2LXEzxHK4U
Exploding Map Derivatives & Variations (Pop’origami 4) https://youtu.be/Gq6EHPtNLM0
Pop’Origami 3 https://youtu.be/6m8WSJ5mSVY
Pop’Origami Detail https://youtu.be/CuLYhLIXZsc
Pop’Origami 2 https://youtu.be/WVz0y1ozHX8
Pop’Origami Sculpture https://youtu.be/kDqxczpQEHw

I sometimes also show works in crafting, works in progress or behind-the-scenes which I usually show in personal exhibits (mock-ups, alternative versions, etc.):

Pop-up Spread Assembly 5: Saison en Enfer, pl. 6 https://youtu.be/42QgZOckqBs
Pop-up Spread Assembly 4: Saison en Enfer, pl. 7 https://youtu.be/hnslhh8gShI
Pop-up Spread Assembly 3: Oz Fantasy https://youtu.be/moSvvXJZQi8
Joconde Pourrie Pop-up Card Cutting + Assembly https://youtu.be/Bji7Vf_HY04
Pop-up Spread Assembly 2: Saison en Enfer, pl. 8 https://youtu.be/jCKvClkSKI4
Pop-up Spread Assembly 1: Calligrammes: Ecoute https://youtu.be/cHVXiBtAO4k
Steps Stairs Folding Session https://youtu.be/swftKM1LF_k
From Batman to the Weremouse Butler (Tour des Horreurs) https://youtube.com/shorts/N6ZMRyF1rwo
Cutting Pixels (Tales of Phantasia Pop-up) https://youtu.be/3TuDFziEH6Y
Cutting Pixels (Romancing SaGa 2 Pop-up) https://youtube.com/shorts/bBbhJKr2Ef0
Post-Hiroshige Pop-ups Leftovers https://youtu.be/BO7sq_A6nHM
Glueing Tiny Letters (Mini Tour des Horreurs)

And here are a few specific tutorials:
Japanese Shrine Pop-up Papercraft Paper Toy https://youtu.be/1TIVpNx1FQ4
and the result is here https://youtu.be/2-Hf0kEklzk
Xmas Greeting Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
and the result is here https://youtu.be/H7odruWVCuQ
The Evil Castle Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/XHehixic4x0
and the result here https://youtu.be/ATQAcy7XxDY
Gizmo / Gremlin Pop-up Card (with free template) https://youtu.be/RXcZBV7B8Us
with the original card here https://youtu.be/ZHgcryCESK4


Apart from all this I have also upped a few videos of cool pop-up books I enjoy a lot, of appearances of pop-up books in other media (TV, movies) and of pop-up book fairs and exhibits.

The Pop-up Book of Contemporary Demons and Angels (Evil S3) https://youtu.be/T_lSrbovSsM
The Pop-up Book of Terrifying Things (Evil S2) https://youtu.be/B03Gl08E96w

Robert Sabuda – The Dragon and the Knight – pop-up book https://youtu.be/94xzbvijUm4
Iain Smyth – Don’t Open the Box! – pop-up book/object https://youtu.be/dnoxeAj0-B4
Kimika Warabe – Tobidasu! Ugoku! Pop-up Book Collection https://youtu.be/uWmoNU8na04
Ron van der Meer – How Many – pop-up book https://youtu.be/FMC-X1EFclY
1850s Tenmangu Shrine Pop-up Paper Toy https://youtu.be/tjzzb0Q5EK8
Olivier Charbonnel – Pop-up Lune / Moon -pop-up book https://youtu.be/Hqmg-aQZSnQ
Olivier Charbonnel – Pop-up Terre / Earth – pop-up book https://youtu.be/goig1r9WKFI
(Kubasta 1) Kubasta – Tip + Top + Tap at Sea (1965) https://youtu.be/Y2yT2xmAyaU
(Kubasta 2) Duisit – Le Lutin bleu (2017) https://youtu.be/hzIr1BK0CsE
(Kubasta 3) Pinocchio (2022) https://youtu.be/l9qShlnByOM
Kishin Shinoyama – Bibun – flip book (1984, !18+) https://youtu.be/vGqamxAsjwo
Philippe UG – Silkscreen Robot Pop-up Card https://youtube.com/shorts/mwrtBxQ–Ik

Salon du Livre Animé 2023 Paris Pop-up Book Fair https://youtu.be/-jFXgBd5jmY
Salon du Livre Animé 2021 Paris Pop-up Book Fair https://youtu.be/voRY7owbFuA
More info about the Paris Pop-up Book Fair here.
Wooden Automata for Pop-up Books Display https://youtu.be/Jk0avytiidw
600 Movable Books Exhibit https://youtube.com/shorts/rI0oEu5npjk


I’ll try to keep this page up to date.
There is more stuff on my YouTube channel: have a look!

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