Pop-up / Projects

        J'ai vraiment commencé le pop-up en 2019.
        Depuis, j'ai travaillé à de nombreux projets intéressants, liés à un large éventail d'intérêts personnels, certains étaient des commandes, d'autres pour moi-même, d'autres encore que j'ai publiés. Vous pouvez jeter un œil à ma bibliographie ici.
        Les travaux de commande sont probablement les occasions les plus enthousiasmantes, car ils donnent l'opportunité de travail à une autre échelle et/ou avec des œuvres superbes, avec une pression supplémentaire de faire au mieux dans le cadre d'un budget et d'un temps limité – le mieux étant évidemment toujours, non la complexité, mais l'adéquation à l'œuvre ou à la demande du client.
        Quoi qu'il en soit, il était grand temps de ranger un peu ce que j'ai lâché dans la nature ces dernières années, donc voici une sélection de mes projets pop-up, classés par thème.
        Salutations !

The breathing of the heart.
Literature in pop-ups? Hell yeah.

Oz Fantasy Pop-up https://youtu.be/BRzcioN3lbY
Calligrammes Animés Pop-up Book https://youtu.be/vDtR7S_39s0
Une Saison en Enfer Pop-up Book https://youtu.be/WrGx1-R3sQc
Lettre-Océan Pop-up Object https://youtu.be/UsbA-t988oE
Calligramme Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/cT8vIKB3HuI
L’Ange Blond Superstar / Arthur Rimbaud Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/FhhPsC-eRw0


I’m a Brother of Metal! Music is life.

Star One Revel in Time Pop-up Tableau https://youtu.be/XT4ovB7euLE
Aerosmith Logo Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/FBtEUO8Lyrc
Dream Theater A View from the Top of the World Custom CD case https://youtu.be/pQqovLWwmd0
Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion Papercraft https://youtube.com/shorts/KL83rClQcrc
The Crimson Idol Sketch https://youtu.be/O1Kz-Hkqolg


I’m a retro-gamer at heart.

Chrono Trigger Akira Toriyama Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/6omRVNsh3sM
Tales of Phantasia Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/Rl7Iqce9Ctw
Castlevania Cover Art Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/MpiOr7gH2tI
Carte pop-up Castlevania https://youtu.be/xiycZCQpRqw
Super Mario Bros Pop-up https://youtu.be/BwOViY7Oqr0
Zelda Pop-up https://youtu.be/DETCVMuXfb0
Zelda Overworld Pop-up Map https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
Zelda 3 Pop-up Book Nook https://youtu.be/N0vReQAOeWs
Final Fantasy Legend House of Life Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/BeWzdll03dc
Romancing SaGa 2 Pop-up Tableau https://youtu.be/hq-guoLIln4
Castle of Illusion Tunnel Book https://youtu.be/XptCF7LO9RA
And it’s not pop-up, but I made the reference sites for Square/Enix SNES games Romancing SaGa 2 & 3 (yeah): https://romancing-saga-2.blogspot.com + https://romancing-saga-3.blogspot.com/


Comics & anime render so well in pop-ups. There are many amazing artists I’d love to collaborate with.
And lots of great art and concepts in the film industry.

Ghibli Spirited Away Pop-up https://youtu.be/3CIJSd2t8l4
1984 Brutalist Cityscape Pop-up Spread (Commission) https://youtu.be/tMAT3ntHUBo
Chien Pourri x Louvre Museum Pop-up Card (Commission) https://youtu.be/bqw3y4kkvYM
Joconde Pourrie Pop-up Card Cutting + Assembly https://youtu.be/Bji7Vf_HY04

Pop-up Maps Geek Set (Games of Thrones, Tolkien, Batman, Star Wars…) https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
WestWorld Mind Maze https://youtu.be/y4Bge-UebPw
WestWorld Mind Maze Mock-up https://youtu.be/zMS6MhqGo7g
Rocky II OST https://youtu.be/MXh5ng9A6f8


Whatever people may think, pop-up works wonderfully with photographs. Such pop-ups usually entail a lot of “re-drawing”, a very time-consuming activity if you want to do it properly. Incidentally, I used to take pictures as my main art medium, mainly when I was living in Japan, in 2007-2012, bits here: http://lebentoaphotos.blogspot.com/

Rone – Time – The Clock Room (Commission) https://youtu.be/Mmhqp4ENPyk
Jacques Lacoste New Year Card (Commission) https://youtu.be/LA4N27WpsTY
Post Hiroshige Pop-up Cards https://youtu.be/TCUpyR-VTQQ


The breathing of the soul.
Before starting taking pictures (2006-7), I used to paint a lot – short selection here https://nc-paintworks.blogspot.com/ – before focusing more on cut paper and digital art – short selection here https://nc-paperworks.blogspot.com/p/illustration.html.

I have some ongoing projects around fine arts, coming soon.


My favorite genres!

La Tour des Horreurs https://youtu.be/1UZDX3_FFmU
La Tour des Horreurs (v2) https://youtu.be/6SIQVBJnxW8
The Tower of Horrors (speed run version) https://youtu.be/AmBDYRmrdoA
Mini Towers of Horrors https://youtu.be/WOR3K7jpIa0
Spider Long-Legs https://youtu.be/y0lJq35sddU
Pop-up Skull https://youtu.be/_SrHu1lMKWQ
Pop-up Vampire https://youtu.be/CdAkNCUBUJo
Téléphone rose Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/d5B8TQb2dEE
Alice in Wonderland Miniature Book https://youtu.be/0B3JcyeTYvw
Alice in Wonderland Pop-up https://youtu.be/BYf0vcOgq8s
White Rabbit Movie https://youtu.be/poGO9eQtsII
Alice Head/Feet (haha) https://youtube.com/shorts/gZ98uElIAvU
Chats en toits / Paris Rooftop Cats https://youtu.be/NPIK4QqyWFw
Meow? https://youtu.be/-JMKZGT52vg


I love maps!

Plan POP-UP du Métro de Paris https://youtu.be/fXfKEUQzuME
Pop-up Maps Geek Set (Games of Thrones, Tolkien, Batman, Star Wars…) https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
Carte pop-up Castlevania https://youtu.be/xiycZCQpRqw


I wish I had more time to dig into optical illusions and magic, it’s amazing.

Ames Window – Pop-up Version https://youtu.be/gR-upiiKsUg


Or more accurately kiri-origamic architecture, is what is usually called a 90° pop-up with no added pieces. My Steps artist’s books are an example of that.

Small Night Steps Miniature pop-up book https://youtu.be/QHggtb6egHo
Small Night Steps cards https://youtu.be/y_Kl-EiXHzU
Night Steps Cards https://youtu.be/M8KRjptuW5Y
Steps 2 pop-up book https://youtu.be/szNacfv2iZA
Baby Steps pop-up book https://youtu.be/rctAPj0ArIs
Steps 1.5 pop-up object https://youtu.be/PkvZMEJ28qA
Steps pop-up book https://youtu.be/yOFVppW0UJM



My research work on pop-up mechanisms goes in all directions. Revisiting classics is always stimulating. Untrodden paths are my favorite paths. Here are a few pop-up experiments.

Pop-up Mock-ups & 3D sketches for Oz Fantasy https://youtu.be/kbxemxEyri0
2024 New Year Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/bNewhKIoLRA
Pop-up Surging Curves (A Season in Hell) https://youtu.be/Nus-Be9to3E
Pop-up Twister Mechanism Variation (Calligrams) https://youtu.be/nEUE4OMXhbw
Pop-up Improvisation on a Reinhart Raiser https://youtu.be/GVo9usIfSqM
Simple Curves in Pop-ups https://youtu.be/EWjNpZ-QJ80
Triple Twister Mechanism https://youtu.be/AkEWsuDToiY
2023 Countdown New Year Card https://youtu.be/mfaQeKDOTF0
Twister Variations https://youtu.be/B13gWMQv1-Y
Pop-up Cube Manual Lock https://youtu.be/oXX7DrtNBnw
360° Flower Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/xRNuqGqbDiI
2022 New Year Card https://youtu.be/lMhRfKh3l4E
90°/180° Pop-up https://youtu.be/w305dvlkMow
Tower of Babel https://youtu.be/8lcTT_jrrtE
Pop-up Sphere https://youtube.com/shorts/FtiHVbzi_2s
Paper Arch from Scraps https://youtu.be/qpLMnhTCYrg
Pop-up Crane / Designer’s Lamp https://youtu.be/k25v_50P91c
Sequential Pull-Tab https://youtu.be/VF9N0OYz9Xs
Pop-up Stadium https://youtu.be/7V7PxltpdzA
Double Pop-up Pyramid https://youtu.be/bS7LNNJTZoM
Pop-up Spread Extension https://youtu.be/DXIx9Zqtj6Y
Plateau Mechanism https://youtu.be/CCjEi40TrtI
Triple Cinematic Pull-Tab https://youtube.com/shorts/z7urbLDAEgk
3 Pop-up Cubes https://youtube.com/shorts/mXBfJpm73JE

I have also focused on one original field repeatedly, that I call

POP’ORIGAMI: the introduction of dynamic origami into pop-ups.

Pop’origami 2B https://youtu.be/xlg-KDJbVCI
Pop’origami 5 https://youtu.be/c2LXEzxHK4U
Exploding Map Derivatives & Variations (Pop’origami 4) https://youtu.be/Gq6EHPtNLM0
Pop’Origami 3 https://youtu.be/6m8WSJ5mSVY
Pop’Origami Detail https://youtu.be/CuLYhLIXZsc
Pop’Origami 2 https://youtu.be/WVz0y1ozHX8
Pop’Origami Sculpture https://youtu.be/kDqxczpQEHw

I sometimes also show works in crafting, works in progress or behind-the-scenes which I usually show in personal exhibits (mock-ups, alternative versions, etc.):

Pop-up Spread Assembly 6: Saison en Enfer, pl. 4 https://youtu.be/LQdVj6lTHHA
Pop-up Spread Assembly 5: Saison en Enfer, pl. 6 https://youtu.be/42QgZOckqBs
Pop-up Spread Assembly 4: Saison en Enfer, pl. 7 https://youtu.be/hnslhh8gShI
Pop-up Spread Assembly 3: Oz Fantasy https://youtu.be/moSvvXJZQi8
Joconde Pourrie Pop-up Card Cutting + Assembly https://youtu.be/Bji7Vf_HY04
Pop-up Spread Assembly 2: Saison en Enfer, pl. 8 https://youtu.be/jCKvClkSKI4
Pop-up Spread Assembly 1: Calligrammes: Ecoute https://youtu.be/cHVXiBtAO4k
Steps Stairs Folding Session https://youtu.be/swftKM1LF_k
From Batman to the Weremouse Butler (Tour des Horreurs) https://youtube.com/shorts/N6ZMRyF1rwo
Cutting Pixels (Tales of Phantasia Pop-up) https://youtu.be/3TuDFziEH6Y
Cutting Pixels (Romancing SaGa 2 Pop-up) https://youtube.com/shorts/bBbhJKr2Ef0
Post-Hiroshige Pop-ups Leftovers https://youtu.be/BO7sq_A6nHM
Glueing Tiny Letters (Mini Tour des Horreurs)

And here are a few specific tutorials:
Japanese Shrine Pop-up Papercraft Paper Toy https://youtu.be/1TIVpNx1FQ4
and the result is here https://youtu.be/2-Hf0kEklzk
Xmas Greeting Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/5wmuMhIaOek
and the result is here https://youtu.be/H7odruWVCuQ
The Evil Castle Pop-up Card https://youtu.be/XHehixic4x0
and the result here https://youtu.be/ATQAcy7XxDY
Gizmo / Gremlin Pop-up Card (with free template) https://youtu.be/RXcZBV7B8Us
with the original card here https://youtu.be/ZHgcryCESK4


Apart from all this I have also upped a few videos of cool pop-up books I enjoy a lot, of appearances of pop-up books in other media (TV, movies) and of pop-up book fairs and exhibits.

The Pop-up Book of Contemporary Demons and Angels (Evil S3) https://youtu.be/T_lSrbovSsM
The Pop-up Book of Terrifying Things (Evil S2) https://youtu.be/B03Gl08E96w

Robert Sabuda – The Dragon and the Knight – pop-up book https://youtu.be/94xzbvijUm4
Iain Smyth – Don’t Open the Box! – pop-up book/object https://youtu.be/dnoxeAj0-B4
Kimika Warabe – Tobidasu! Ugoku! Pop-up Book Collection https://youtu.be/uWmoNU8na04
Ron van der Meer – How Many – pop-up book https://youtu.be/FMC-X1EFclY
1850s Tenmangu Shrine Pop-up Paper Toy https://youtu.be/tjzzb0Q5EK8
Olivier Charbonnel – Pop-up Lune / Moon -pop-up book https://youtu.be/Hqmg-aQZSnQ
Olivier Charbonnel – Pop-up Terre / Earth – pop-up book https://youtu.be/goig1r9WKFI
(Kubasta 1) Kubasta – Tip + Top + Tap at Sea (1965) https://youtu.be/Y2yT2xmAyaU
(Kubasta 2) Duisit – Le Lutin bleu (2017) https://youtu.be/hzIr1BK0CsE
(Kubasta 3) Pinocchio (2022) https://youtu.be/l9qShlnByOM
Kishin Shinoyama – Bibun – flip book (1984, !18+) https://youtu.be/vGqamxAsjwo
Warja Lavater – Le Petit Chaperon Rouge – leporello (1965) https://youtu.be/GPF1JNHVilg
Philippe UG – Silkscreen Robot Pop-up Card https://youtube.com/shorts/mwrtBxQ–Ik

Salon du Livre Animé 2023 Paris Pop-up Book Fair https://youtu.be/-jFXgBd5jmY
Salon du Livre Animé 2021 Paris Pop-up Book Fair https://youtu.be/voRY7owbFuA
More info about the Paris Pop-up Book Fair here.
Wooden Automata for Pop-up Books Display https://youtu.be/Jk0avytiidw
600 Movable Books Exhibit https://youtube.com/shorts/rI0oEu5npjk


I’ll try to keep this page up to date.
There is more stuff on my YouTube channel: have a look!
Salutations !

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