Workshops, Master Classes & Exhibits

Creative and Original Pop-up Crafting: Learn and Share

Everywhere in France and in the world, I hold tailored pop-up workshops for children or adults, as well as master classes and research labs for amateurs or professionals, in libraries, associations, book fairs, schools, etc.

Simple or complex pop-ups, with beautiful, amusing or cute designs, movable books, origamic architecture, kiri-origami, kiri-e, artist’s books… Please contact me to talk about what you need and what I can do for you.

Kids Pop-up Workshops Ateliers pop-up enfants


♠︎ 30 minutes ∼ 3 hours
♣︎ Creative workshops with varied themes and techniques.
♥︎ Each participant makes their own pop-up card.
♦︎ Cut paper, illustration, coloring, and pop-up fun always!

Adults Pop-up Workshops Ateliers pop-up adultes


♠︎ 2 ∼ 4 hours (+)
♣︎ Creative and technical workshops.
♥︎ We will craft a pop-up card or an artist’s book based on a specific technique.
♦︎ Optionally, the workshop can be preceded by a master class on the technique(s) used.

Pop-up Paper Engineering Masterclass Ingénieur papier


♠︎ 3 ∼ 5 days
♣︎ Tailored pop-up training courses, for beginners ∼ experienced.
♥︎ Master Classes to acquire pop-up skills and experiment by crafting personal artworks.
♦︎ Intensive master classes / research labs for creative amateurs, professional artists or educational staff (activity leaders, school teachers, librarians, etc.).

All workshops and master classes are carefully tailored for their specific audience each time.
I also have series of ready-made workshops for children or adults: please contact me for details.
Thank you!

pop-up workshops ateliers exhibitions expositions



For bookshops, libraries, private and public institutions, I can provide tailored exhibition content, be it installations with my own works, with original pop-up artworks and dummies, with stunning pop-up books, or with all of the above.

I can do that for venues of all sizes – a shelf, a window display, a room, a building even – and can also create original content and artworks especially for the occasion.

Exhibitions are often best coupled with special events like happenings on starting and ending days, or workshops inbetween as presented in the previous section just above.

In any case, please contact me, explain to me what you need, and I’m sure we’ll do wonderful things together.

pop-up workshops ateliers exhibitions expositions
pop-up workshops ateliers exhibitions expositions
pop-up workshops ateliers exhibitions expositions
pop-up workshops ateliers exhibitions expositions


Need of a cool card for your exhibit, your wedding,
your clients or the New Year?