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This is the home of paper engineer, paper artist, graphic designer, author and illustrator Nicolas Codron.

I design and handcraft artist’s books in very limited editions: pop-up and movable books, and books in all shapes and sizes (leporello books, tunnel books, etc.).

My artist’s books are present in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York!

I also self-publish my own work, and collaborate with talented artists – illustrators and photographers – to bring their worlds into stunning pop-up artworks and movable books.

You can see my books and artworks in the Bibliography below or in the Shop.

I also design pop-ups for commissioned works (books, cards, LP-covers, objects, etc.). Including your project. Let’s talk about it.

I provide and hold ready-made or order-made pop-up workshops for children, families, adults and institutions, and pop-up engineering formations for dedicated adults, all the way from your idea to the mass-manufactured product and any point in between. See the page dedicated to workshops and master classes.

And among other things I do design. Such as regular book design, packaging, or front-end website design. So if you like what you’re seeing or are simply curious, just send me a word.

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Follows a bibliography of self-published collaborations, pop-up and movable artist’s books, mainstream publications, and selected commissioned works.


Collaboration & Solo Self-Published Works

Nicolas Codron Leporello Book + Pop-up Cards

Chats en Toits, Calligramme d’Apollinaire, WestWorld Mind Maze, Castlevania Pop-up Maze (2022)

One cute leporello book with lots of cats on Paris’ rooftops, Chats en Toits, and three dashing new pop-up cards: one Picture-Poem, one Maze and one Map.
Each is limited to 300 numbered copies.
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Nicolas Codron - La Tour des Horreurs Pop-up Book 2021

La Tour des Horreurs (2021)

A free VIP guided tour of the Tower of Horrors: what a splendid opportunity!
Or is it really?!…
A very original, beautiful (and perfectly harmless?) laser-cut pop-up book! In detail here.
In the Artists’ Books collection of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Fleet Library! among other renowned public and private collections.
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Nicolas Codron - John Tenniel's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Miniature Book

John Tenniel’s Alice in Wonderland (2021)

This special miniature book features Tenniel’s original engraved illustrations, with quotes from Lewis Carroll’s novel. Various limited editions, with pop-up extras. Further info here.
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Rohan Hutchinson / Nicolas Codron - Post Hiroshige Pop-up Cards

Post Hiroshige / Pop-Up (2021)

With Australian photographer Rohan Hutchinson.
A series of 3 pop-up cards reworking Hutchinson’s photographs of Japanese architecture. 100 copies each, numbered and signed.
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Artist’s Books

Nicolas Codron Steps Livres d'artiste Artist's Books

Steps (2017-2021)

A very limited series of artist-handcrafted pop-up architectural kiri-origamic leporello artist books-objects:
Steps, Steps 1.5, Steps: Baby Steps, Steps 2: More Steps, Night Steps, Small Night Steps, and several variations and related ‘offprints’ and items.
One to twenty copies for each main installment, all numbered and signed.
In the collections of the NYC MET, among other renowed institutional and private collections. More info here!
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Mainstream Pop-up Books

Xavier Coste 1984 Cover

1984 (2021)
By Xavier Coste. Publisher: Sarbacane.
The final spread of Coste’s graphic novel adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 is a grand pop-up scene I designed and engineered. Only in the first printing. 10,000 copies sold out in one week! (ISBN: 9782377315116)
Awards: Prix Albert-Uderzo 2021, Prix BD Fnac/France Inter 2022.

Nicolas Codron Mademoiselle Mangetou

Mademoiselle Mangetou (2020)
Illustration: Julie Colombet. Publisher: Sarbacane.
Originally a recto-verso leporello artist’s book reworked for mainstream publishing. A caterpillar eats all kind of unexpected things to find something she likes! (ISBN: 9782377314058)

Commissioned Works (selection)

Rone Time Clock Room Paper Tableau Pop-up

Rone ∙ Time ∙ The Clock Room ∙ Pop-up Paper Tableau (2022)
Designed for Australian street-artist Rone (Tyrone Wright)’s massive Time installation & exhibition at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia (10/2022-04/2023). Contact me for more information.

Nicolas Codron - Jewelry design for Rosée Lunaire decoupage

Rêve de Lunétoile / Souhait nocturne (2022)
Jewelry design and a presentation card designed for Akiko Ota’s Rosée Lunaire / decoupage in Japan.

Galerie Jacques Lacoste New Year Card 2022 Carte de Nouvel An

Galerie Jacques Lacoste – 2022 New Year Card
New Year pop-up card-object designed for the incredible Galerie Jacques Lacoste in Paris.
© Hervé Lewandowski / Jean Royère Estate / ADAGP / Adélaïde Laurent-Bellue / Nicolas Codron ncpaperworks.com

Events – Exhibitions


14e Salon du Livre animé
le samedi 25 novembre 2023, 14h-18h
à la Mairie du 9e arrondissement de Paris (75)
Organisateur – Rencontre et vente d’ouvrages

18e salon Multiples, de la petite édition d’artiste
les samedi 28 et dimanche 29 octobre 2023, 11h-18h30
au pôle culturel Le Raudour à Saint-Martin-des-Champs, Morlaix (29)
Rencontre et vente d’ouvrages

Festival du Livre animé de Cluny
du vendredi 22 au dimanche 24 septembre 2023, 10h-19h
aux Écuries de Saint-Hugues et salle Victor Duruy, à Cluny (71)
Rencontre et vente d’ouvrages


Dans la Tour des Horreurs et autres livres de Nicolas Codron
Exposition, du samedi 3 au samedi 17 décembre 2022
à la Bibliothèque Municipale de Vaujours (Maison du Temps Libre, 93410)
Accès libre aux heures d’ouverture au public (mardi et vendredi 13:45-16:45, mercredi et samedi 9:45-11:45 et 13:45-16:45)
Et atelier pop-up jeunesse le 10 décembre, gratuit sur réservation

Salon du Livre animé (annulé / cancelled)
organisé par Chez les libraires associés / La Boutique du livre animé
le samedi 19 novembre 2022 à la Mairie du IXe à Paris, 14h-18h
Rencontre et vente d’ouvrages

Multiples, Salon de la petite édition d’artiste, 17e édition
les samedi 29 et dimanche 30 octobre 2022, de 11h à 18h30
au pôle culturel Le Raudour à Saint-Martin-des-Champs, Morlaix (29600)
Rencontre et vente d’ouvrages

Salon du Livre caudacien, 6e édition
le dimanche 16 octobre 2022, de 10h à 18h
Rue Louis Aragon 94510 La Queue en Brie
Rencontre, vente d’ouvrages, atelier pop-up jeunesse

Délire de Livres 2022 (Am’Arts)
Exposition de livres d’artistes et livres-objets
à l’Écu de France, Viroflay (FR), du 12 mars au 10 avril 2022.
Vous pourrez y retrouver nos Steps: Baby Steps et Steps 2: More Steps qui ont été sélectionnés.
Vernissage le 12 mars à partir de 11h.


13e Salon du Livre Animé
Chez les libraires associés / La Boutique du livre animé
Rencontre-signature, Mairie du IXe (Paris, FR), 2021/11/27

Les livres de Nicolas Codron at Chantelivre Paris: Halloween in Wonderland
Window display / installation with the miniature book Tenniel’s Alice and the pop-up book La Tour des Horreurs, available for sale in the shop during the event.
From October 28 to November 18, 2021.

Exposition Pop-ups: Architectures kiri-origamiques (Steps, Post Hiroshige)
à la Librairie Lardanchet (Paris, FR).
Exposition-vente solo, 2021/5/19-7/28


11e Salon du Livre animé
Chez les libraires associés
Rencontre-signature, Médiathèque Françoise Sagan (FR), 2018/11/21

Finalist of the Artist Book Meggendorfer Prize with artist book “Steps”
USA, 2018/09

La p’tit’édit n° 3
Livres d’artistes uniques ou à tirages très limités

Librairie Gaëlle Cambon
Exposition-rencontre, Tours (FR), 2018/09/28-30
Avec Diane de Bournazel et Dominique Spiessert


10e Salon du Livre animé
Chez les libraires associés
Rencontre-signature, Paris (FR), 2017/11/23

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The Movable Book SocietyThe Movable Stationary – 2022-2
The Movable Book SocietyThe Movable Stationary – 2022-2
Steps 2: More Steps dans
J.-Ch. TREBBI, L’art du livre origami (Alternatives, 2021)
Steps 2: More Steps dans
J.-Ch. TREBBI, L’art du livre origami (Alternatives, 2021)
Steps 2: More Steps dans
J.-Ch. TREBBI, L’art du livre origami (Alternatives, 2021)

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