Welcome to NC Paperworks!

Paper engineer and artist Nicolas Codron collaborates with talented artists – illustrators and photographers – to bring their worlds into stunning pop-up artworks and movable books.

We design and handcraft limited artist’s books of our own solo work too.

We also design pop-ups for commissioned works (books, cards, LP-covers, objects, etc.). Including your project. Let’s talk about it.

We provide and hold ready-made or order-made pop-up making workshops for children, families, adults and institutions, and pop-up engineering formations for dedicated adults, all the way from your idea to the mass-manufactured product and any point in between. Whatever your need is, we are here for you.

And among other things we do design. Like regular book design. Or front-end website design (like the one you are perusing this moment). So if you like what you’re seeing and you need to create a site from scratch or shape up yours, just send us a word.

Follows a bibliography of self-published collaborations, pop-up and movable artist’s books and of mainstream publications.

Collaboration & Solo works

John Tenniel’s Alice in Wonderland (2021)
This special miniature book features Tenniel’s original illustrations, with quotes from Lewis Carroll’s text. Various limited editions, with cut-out silhouette, color booklet, one pop-up spread even!
Available soon! Let me know when!

Post Hiroshige / Pop-Up (2021)
With Australian photographer Rohan Hutchinson.
A series of 3 pop-up cards reworking Hutchinson’s photographs of Japanese architecture. 100 copies each, numbered and signed.
See in the Shop ➔

Artist’s Books

Steps (2017-2018)
A very limited series of handcrafted pop-up architectural kiri-origami artist books: Steps, Steps 1.5, Baby Steps, Steps 2: More Steps, and several related offprints and items. One to twenty copies each, numbered and signed! See in the Shop ➔

Mainstream Pop-up Books

1984 (2021)
By Xavier Coste. Publisher: Sarbacane.
The final spread of Coste’s graphic novel adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 is a grand pop-up scene I designed and engineered. Only in the first printing. 10,000 copies sold out in one week!

Mademoiselle Mangetou (2020)
Illustration: Julie Colombet. Publisher: Sarbacane.
Originally a recto-verso leporello artist’s book reworked for mainstream publishing. A caterpillar eats all kind of unexpected things to find something she likes!

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