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☞ July 2021 in English or in French.


★ 2021, Oct 14.

Chantelivre Paris – Les Livres de Nicolas Codron: Halloween in Wonderland!
Exhibition at THE children bookstore in Paris, Chantelivre (Paris 6), from October 28 to November 18, 2021!
Our pop-up book The Tower of Horrors and our miniature book Tenniel’s Alice will be presented in a window display inside and the books will be available for sale during the exhibition.

★ 2021, September 23.

Salon du Livre Rare au Grand Palais Éphémère à Paris (23-26 septembre) :
Retrouvez nos créations 2021 – Alice, Steps, et la Tour en avant-première – au stand C11 chez Jacques Desse / Chez les libraires associés ! J’y serai de passage le jeudi 23 à l’ouverture. Invitations à télécharger.

Le samedi 25 septembre, je serai aux Puces de Vanves sur le stand de Stéphan Auriou / La Blanche Caroline pour présenter tous ces livres et plus encore. Avis aux amateurs !

Des questions ? Contact !

★ 2021, August 19.

Small Night Steps has joined the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City and got highlighted on their @METlibrary IG feed. Many thanks, again!

★ 2021, July 12.

Steps 2: Colors, from our artist book series Steps, which is now part of the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, was featured on their @METlibrary with lavish pictures and kind praise. Thank you!

★ 2021, July 10: Newsletter #1

About Tenniel’s Alice, Small Night Steps, La Tour des Horreurs and our current exhibition in Paris.
This Newsletter is available in English or in French.

★ 2021, May 17.

MAI-JUIN 2021 ➜ prolongé jusqu’au 28 JUILLET

Les livres d’artiste animés et variations de la série d’architectures kiri-origamiques STEPS (dont un exemplaire unique Night Steps fabriqué tout spécialement pour l’occasion) et le triptyque de cartes pop-up photo-architecturales POST HIROSHIGE.

J’aurai le plaisir de vous retrouver à la librairie le 10 juin
de 16h à 21h pour une nocturne-vernissage-rencontre, à l’occasion de la Nocturne Rive Droite.

La Librairie LardanchetThierry Meaudre
100 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris – Tel : 01 42 66 68 32.
La librairie est ouverte du mardi au vendredi de 10h à 19h et le samedi de 11h à 13h et de 14h à 19h.

L’exposition durera jusqu’à fin juin est prolongée jusqu’au 28 juillet.

Infos et photos sur le blog.
Une vidéo de l’expo et des lieux sur YouTube.

★ 2021, March 31.

A few additions to the Pop’Shop these past few days:
Night Steps 1 & 2, handcrafted pop-up card variations on the artist book Steps 2,
– a Boxed Steps Color Card Set (only one copy).

If you have any question, feel free to contact me, always happy to talk and help.
Take care!

★ 2021, March 20.

Our first indie publication is out: the Post Hiroshige Pop-Up Card Set!
A collaboration with the Australian photographer Rohan Hutchinson.
Limited to only 100 numbered and signed copies; 45 are available in the Shop.
Grab one while you still can, that’s all there’s ever going to be!

Lots of projects on the table (decided on one miniature book, one pop-up book, and some pop-up cards for now).
More news as soon as can be, and glimpses on Instagram (or FB).

★ 2020, Dec. 1st.

Welcome to NC Paperworks!

Hi, this is Nick at the keyboard.
Welcome to NC Paperworks!

This new site takes the place of an older blog and features a proper Shop (at last).
It is still very bare, but bear with me: plenty of great stuff to come.
It is also very new: if anything doesn’t seem to work properly, please let me know!

It was set up to present and sell self-published collaborations with artists, artist’s pop-up books and original artworks.

Why self-publication?

Most of the publishing industry would have us believe, artists and readers alike, that pop-up and movable books are only cheap kids stuff and that pop-ups are mostly non-creative technical stuff (giving, for example, the publishers the licence not to pay us for reprints, and everyone – including other paper engineers! comparing paper engineering to door-making! – the feeling that plagiarism is OK, whereas it’s a crime of course); instead, it should be known that papered dimensional movement agrees with all art, all media and all public, that movable/pop-up making is an art (much akin to painted sculpture) and that pop-up works are time-consuming to create and expensive to produce properly.

And of course, self-publication allows complete control over the full book-making process.

To me, the pioneer in the field is Rosston Meyer’s
Drop by his website if you haven’t already!

And if you have any question or comment, don’t hesitate and contact us.
Always there and happy to help!

Cheers! – Nick

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