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  • Téléphone rose – carte pop-up


    A pink telephone? A green phone number?? Yellow pages???

    A humorous pop-up based on a play-on-words taking literally French expressions that include adjectives of colors – quite obscure! hahaha!
    (A “pink telephone” is a sex chat line, a “green number” is a toll-free number, and “yellow pages” mean quite the same, a business phone directory ; )

    Patiently and meticulously made by the artist in Paris, France!

    Size: ca. 14 x 20 cm (5.5 x 7.8 in) closed. Signed card.


    If the video doesn’t play, try reloading the page, or you can watch it on YouTube:

  • Paris & Cats – Kirie Illustration Artworks


    Kirigami (cut paper) multiple illustrations on Paris city and Cats. Clear-cut contrasts and designs full details and humour. Unique presents to be framed and displayed!

    A variety of five tableaus are available in this Paris / Cats series:

    * Tourist Cats in Paris: The world is populated by cats! and cats too visit Paris. They do!
    * Eiffel Tower by Night: Half an Eiffel Tower, before a starry sky, and gazing cats!
    * Moon Cat: The cat on the moon, stretching among the stars!
    * Paris Rooftops and Cats: Cats like gazing at the Eiffel Tower too! The foreground is hand-cut differently in each card.
    * The Chase: A man chases a dog that chases a cat! The world goes round and round.

    Patiently and meticulously made by the artist in Paris, France.

    210 gsm cut black paper, mounted on 210 gsm white paper, titled and signed on back, some also monogrammed in the picture. Frame not included.

    Each design exists in two sizes:
    – regular: ca. 15 x 6 cm (5.9 x 2.3 in)
    – large: ca. 25.5 x 10.5 cm (10 x 4.1 in)