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  • Lettre-Ocean Pop-up CalligrammeLettre-Ocean Pop-up Calligramme

    Lettre-Ocean Calligram Pop-up Artwork


    Guillaume Apollinaire double calligram “Lettre-Océan” graphic poem interpreted into a large and elegant pop-up artwork and decorative object.

    A3 size (14.8 x 42 cm = 5.8 x 16.5 in closed, about 28 x 42 cm = 11 x 16.5 in open), folder.

    100 copies only, hand-cut and assembled by the artist, numbered and signed.


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  • Rone Time Clock Room Paper TableauRone Time Clock Room Paper Tableau

    TIME RONE Clock Room Paper Tableau


    A collaboration with the renowned Australian street artist RONE (Tyrone Wright) for his installation TIME at Flinders St. Station in Melbourne, Australia (Oct 28, 2022 – Apr 28, 2023).

    This large pop-up artwork features one of the rooms reworked by Rone, reinterpreted in volume and movement by me.

    22 x 25 cm (= 8.66 x 9.84 in) closed, 44 cm (17.32 in) opened.
    Copy signed by Rone and me, here justified “A.P.”
    Extremely limited stock.


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  • Night Bloom


    NIGHT BLOOM, a decorative movable paper sculpture

    At the crossing of paper engineering and decorative arts, it is a movable design object, a uniquely shaped pop-up, an elegant flower that unfolds in one movement and finds its place where and wherever you are.

    Each flower is patiently crafted by the artist in his Parisian workshop.
    ca. 7 x 14 cm (2.8 x 5.5 in) closed, h-18 x l-6 x L-12 cm ( h-7 x l-2.4 x L-4.7 in) opened.
    210 & 300-gsm paper. Monogrammed by the artist.

    Night Bloom is available in three different sets of colors: blue and white, black and white, or pink and green.


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  • Steps Endless Pop-up ArtworkSteps Endless Pop-up Artwork

    Steps: Endless


    Steps 2 Variation: Endless (2022)
    A stand-alone, poetic variation on the artist’s book Steps 2.
    Three staircases intertwined, falling endlessly into the light.

    Signed and numbered (1/1) pop-up artwork.
    210 gsm white bristol / blue paper, hardcover with translucent window.
    ca. 15 x 21 cm (5.9 x 8.2 in) closed / 24 x 21 cm (9.5 x 8.2 in) open.

    Entirely handcrafted by the artist,
    this is a unique artwork.